What Our Clients Are Saying

"Oh what a great adventure we had!!! Most of us were from the country and found this a great way to see Melbourne. We found things that we never knew were there!! Great way to promote a city."

- Mary EdgarBendigo and Adelaide Bank

"The teams had a great time and really enjoyed the challenge!"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Elizabeth DewhurstRio Tinto

"The team absolutely loved every minute of it. It was really fun & challenging which was a big hit."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Kim CraneBunnings

"Thank you, the hunt was fantastic! Everyone had a great time. We had two teams who got all correct answers, but it was very challenging and lots of fun."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Krystle NorthoverNeustar

"They loved it …. It was a huge success! A few of them thought the questions were tough but we had a brilliant time."

"We met up at The Wine Room (Grosvenor Hotel) at 6:00pm for drinks, canapes and presentation."

"Excellent event …. Thank you."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Tracy QuaifeThe Loan Company

"It was fantastic. We had a great time."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Marion WilsonIndustrial Fittings Sales

"It was a great success."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Wendy DoxeyMoore Stephens

"The event went really well — it was great to get people out moving around after being inside all day. The Southbank Parklands are lovely and the hunt meant we all had to walk from one end to the other. Some of the clues were quite challenging too, which brought out the competitive streak in some members! It was exactly what we wanted."

- Julie MeehanCQUniversity

"It was fantastic, thank you! Everyone really loved it. They split up, ran around town at full pelt, even used Pokemon Go. They all got pretty competitive but there was a clear winner."

"I had many comments on how much everyone found it a fun challenge."

- Suzanne HutchinsonBiarri Networks

"The event went really well and everyone enjoyed the activity."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Michael ClarkObjective

"Just wanted to say thank you for the pack for our hunt that we did last week. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and the 4-5 members per team worked really well for us. We found a few members were thinking way more into the clues than needed, but this did make the teams work together to share their thoughts and come to an agreed decision on where to search. The areas we had to search were all well-lit and safe to find which was reassuring for the female staff which made up the majority of the participants. At the end we did a count up over a drink (which was thoroughly deserved from running around in the dark) with the answers and we all had a laugh when we realised what the answers were to some of the harder questions. Will definitely be keeping this in mind for our next team building event as it was a real success."

- Rachel TurnerAlbatross Tours

"The treasure hunt was a great success. Everyone had a great time and the last clue was easy enough for everyone to work out so no one could not find the bar (thank you for that)."

"Thank you for a great team-building experience."

- Laura FlemingPitcher Partners

"We had the wettest day in Adelaide for 71 years on the day we ran the activity! It was crazy and yet with the weather, people really enjoyed it."-------------------------

- Amber MatsonNews Corp Australia

"Everyone had the best time yesterday - thanks so much! And many thanks for accommodating the accelerated timeline. Much appreciated."

- Michael BianchiWorld Vision Australia

"The group had a wonderful time. We discovered things about Adelaide that we didn't know existed. I would highly recommend your company to others. Thanks again for all your help."

- Sue BlightLake Windemere B-7 School

"We had the BEST time ever! Even though it was stinking hot, ALL staff LOVED IT!!!! AND we got to learn more about the City and the artwork etc etc. It was so well done on your company behalf with the clues and all. We think your company is awesome. We were down on staff, so we had 3 teams, 2 teams of 3 and 1 of 4. We will definately be using you guys again and again with different hunts etc."

- DebbZen-Chi Natural Therapies

"The treasure hunt was a huge success! I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a fun, challenging group event. There's even talk by some people about getting a different hunt for a team building event in one of our departments next year. Thanks again for all your help and putting together such a fun challenge!"

- Jamie McClunieEmpired

"The 'Faces and Places of Melbourne CBD' was fantastic! My family & friends had an incredible time solving the riddles and competing against each other. It was such an awesome way to celebrate my birthday!"

"Thanks so much Odysseek! We're looking forward to doing another treasure hunt in the future :)"

- Sarah JosephPrivate Birthday

"My colleagues had a great time partaking in the Odysseek Hunt, despite none of the four teams correctly guessing every answer to the 14 clues! Unfortunately, my team came last.....but it's not all about winning, right!? :) haha"

"Perhaps we'll try one of the Megahunts next time! Thanks again for the enjoyable event!"

- Jarrad CorlettoCapgemini

"A good day had by all, everyone found the questions quite thought provoking and challenging."---------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Anthony ClemLion

"The hunt went really well — at least the rain held off until we started to head back to the office. All staff had fun."--------------------------------------------------

- Eleni VlahosLife Without Barriers

"Thank you for all your assistance to get the pack sorted. Everyone had a great time. We were pleasantly surprised that the hunt was bigger than we thought."

"Thank you again. It was an awesome day."

- Mark DambrosiBoehringer Ingelheim

"The treasure hunt was great, my team enjoyed it :)"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Dani E SiewNAB

"Just wanted to let you know the Scavenger Hunt went really well on Friday, everyone seemed to enjoy it!"----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Kathryn MullenColes

"It was fantastic my team loved it, Took a little while to get the first clue but once they had it they were off, definitely something they would recommend to others."

- Susan GavaDepartment of Justice and Attorney-General

"Our whole team had such a great time on the hunt last week. The clues were challenging and fun for everyone in the team to get involved. I would highly recommend Odysseek to anyone looking for something fun to do with you team."

- Chantelle DunnAIA

"We all had a great time and managed to get through all of the questions within 90 minutes (some of us had some interesting answers!) the questions were great — we had quite a few out of towners so we paired them up with some locals to keep it fair and it all got quite competitive after a while."

- Emily ChadwickSuncorp

"We had a great 2hr treasure hunt all around Brisbane. Questions were not easy so no cheating was possible! Will definitely purchase more in the coming months for different areas."

- Amanda DockseyLion

"The feedback has been tremendous. By all accounts the staff had a great time and lots of fun. We ended up with five teams of seven and each team tackled the challenges differently. But all in all an AMAZINGLY fun afternoon. I would, have and will continue to sing the praise of a great idea."

- Sharmaine SmarkAon Risk Solutions

"We had a lot of fun and we certainly picked the best day last week to be running around the city weather wise. I really do recommend a Treasure Hunt as a fun outdoors activity for your workplace :)"

- Mel AndrewsSubway

"We had a great time! The clues were more challenging that we'd expected, but we got nearly all of them right. An afternoon walking through the Botanic Gardens solving clues followed by a few laughs at the pub was a great way to build friendships and bond as an organisation."

- Amelia HurrenTrees for Life

"We had a really good time and everyone really enjoyed themselves a lot. The Melbourne weather held up which was great and we all got a lot of steps up for our walking challenge."

- Manisha BhargavaP&O Maritime

"The treasure hunt went really well everyone had a great time."-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Kim O'ConnorSantos

"It all went well thanks for asking. A few of the questions were abit tricky but that's fine we all had fun. Thanks mate!"-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- SuphyAroma Hut

"It went very well. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed solving the clues."-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Judith De MellowMedlab Diagnostics

"It was wonderful, thank you so so much!!"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Cortney ThomsonCole Lawson

"I thought the Treasure Hunt was very affordable and user friendly. Presentation was great too. The teams enjoyed the treasure hunt."

- Katherine MantzisDepartment of Communications

"Our group really enjoyed the treasure hunt and were impressed by the detail that had gone into the treasure hunt package."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Davina SandersQUT

"It was great! The students really liked the activity and were able to bond with their syndicate mates. I'm quite sure we will do it again next August."

- John GurskeyMelbourne Business School

"We all had an awesome time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and have asked when we can do another one."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Mel AndrewsSubway

"It went really well. Everyone had fun and the international guests thought it was great, they loved it. Thanks again."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Michelle LawtherBMC Software

"Thanks so much! Everyone is buzzing - they really enjoyed it."---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Sue KloedenLutheran Education Queensland

"This was such an awesome event for our team and everyone really enjoyed it!. Based on the level of difficulty it was possible to do the whole thing in 1.5 hours - which worked out really well as it was Friday afternoon and we were all pretty brain dead. We were all amazed at the answers when we went through them - and I was surprised how competitive everyone was during the whole thing. I thought it was a great team building event that kept us all guessing. Thanks again, it was seriously fun!!"

- Marija PennisiEML Finance, CBA

"That was heaps better than getting pissed!"---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Mark BaileyGM, CBA

"I had a wicked time!"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Jo PickardManager of Financial Control EML Finance, CBA

"Despite Brisbane's record breaking heat, everyone had a great time. Overall, a fantastic activity."---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Michael RyanTrivia Mill

"I would like to tell you how much our engineers enjoyed our Odysseek adventure for our EOFY event (Pirate themed treasure hunt). We had such a fantastic day. The clues were of such a high quality, they really made us think about Brisbane in a different light. Our day was pirate themed and each team really got into the spirit of the 'treasure hunt' idea and we all enjoyed walking around Brisbane CBD with our pirate outfits — scaring the locals — amazing the tourists — and trying to find the answers to the clues.

The clues were very challenging but still enjoyable and with a bit of putting-heads-together the teams worked out most of the clues within a 2 hour time frame (quite rushed but added to the excitement). Thank you very much indeed!"

- Katina FranzidisWood and Grieve Engineers

"Great hunt, Odysseek! Sure put our minds to the test and allowed us to work as teams to effectively retrieve the answers throughout the CBD. Everyone in the office had an absolute blast and we'd like to thank Odysseek for such a great day! :)"

- Camille WilsonLead Creation

"A total success! The clues were challenging and they kept everyone on their toes. Was a fun filled day — one we would do again in the future!"


"Thank you for organising, we had a wonderful time! Everyone really enjoyed the hunt and the ability for us to do something different. We were extremely happy with the effort of presentation for the clues etc. I would highly recommend for a corporate team building exercise that's something a little different."

- SofieDymphna Boholt

"We enjoyed the treasure hunt very much and found that it was a great difficulty level for the team!"---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- KaylaConsulting Firm

"My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the Relics of Melbourne scavenger hunt. The price was very reasonable for the activity as well. We split into 3 teams of 3, which worked well for us. Everyone was quite familiar with Melbourne, but we still found that the riddles/clues were clever enough to be challenging. The 'red herrings' within the clues were well placed. We really had to read carefully in order to determine just how we should respond. Well done, Odysseek! Now we're interested in finding scavenger hunts in other cities."

- Pam OlmsteadPrivate Group

"We had a great time doing the scavenger hunt! The clues were challenging but achievable and diverse enough for everyone to be able to join in. They covered a large area of the city so we really got to feel that we were covering a lot of ground. And it was really easy to organise."

- RubyCancer research department

"We had a lovely time and everything went well. One team finished in only 45 minutes and got everything correct, but it was much more challenging for the rest of us. Thank you for your help in organising this."

- Peta SkujinsPrivate Group

"The hunt was brilliant! Everyone had such a fantastic day. I'll definitely be recommending Odysseek to anyone wanting to conduct their own scavenger hunt, and may even do one again for myself in the future!"

- Steph PascoePrivate Group

"It was fantastic everyone had such a good time. Thank you very much for everything."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Dianne WebbPrivate Group

"I absolutely LOVED the treasure hunt - I quite liked the creative way the clues were put together and how you had to read it carefully to answer the clue correctly."

- Seforosa MichaelPrivate Group

"The hunt went really well! Thank you for all your help organising it, all the staff really enjoyed themselves :)"-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Lauren FariasPrivate Group

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with our treasure hunt. I was very excited to receive the pack... it arrived exactly on time and looked brilliant. We had a fabulous (but challenging) afternoon trying to solve your clues and it gave us plenty to chat about over dinner as we compared notes and stories. We would definitely consider doing another one of your hunts in the future."

- Kerri NewlovePrivate Group

"I did a treasure hunt at a friend's birthday party and it turned out to be such a fun and amazing time! The best thing about it is having the opportunity to do something different with a group of friends, explore parts of town in ways you have never before and have lots of fun at the same time!!! We also met so many great people while we did it! Great way to socialise, catch up, meet people and just have a good laugh!"

- Menaka VisvanathanPrivate Group

"The hunt we did for my friend's 30th was fantastic! I liked how all the teams could go at their own pace and still have a terrific time. I was five months pregnant then, so it was great that it wasn't just about running around, but instead the aim was to work out the clues and just have fun. Thanks for a wonderful night!"

- Rowan AlickPrivate Group

"It was great, thanks. All the teams managed to solve most of the clues within the 2 hour time limit, a couple had us baffled but everyone enjoyed the challenge. I've suggested down the track we could look at another, and I'd definitely offer it as a suggestion to anyone wanting to try something different."

- Brad TrevenaPrivate Group

"We all had a really good time and the clues were a good mix of abstract and straightforward, and it was really great how they tied in so well with the city's history and culture! With the addition of the Botanic Gardens tie-on, we didn't really have enough time to visit all the clues, but that just made it more fun by forcing the groups to strategically determine which route through the city could net them the most points. There was also a good amount of overlap; we ran in to other groups every so often, but it was spread out enough that we didn't feel like we were just following each other around (not to mention we entertained a lot of strangers in the city who saw us pondering around the landmarks and wanted to lend a hand!). Overall we all had a great time, and I got several requests for your contact details from non-participants and participants alike, who wanted to host a hunt of their own."

- Natascha Von Gnielinski21st Birthday

"We had a great time! Thank you for the experience."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Ayse HanPrivate Group