Terms Of Sale

General & Content

  1. • Any reference to these terms also includes the Terms of Use for this web site. Any reference to the 'client' or 'customer' refers to the individual who purchases a treasure hunt from this web site.
  2. • Any reference to 'we' referrs to Odysseek, its owner(s) and employee(s).
  3. • On this website the terms 'treasure hunt' and 'hunt' are used interchangeably.
  4. • The customer agrees to use purchased materials for one treasure hunt only.
  5. • The customer agrees not to distribute puchased hunt materials to persons not involved in the treasure hunt, resell them, or copy, scan, or reproduce them in any way.
  6. • The customer agrees not to create any derivative works based on purchased treasure hunt materials.


  1. • As we recommend hunts take place during daytime we do not issue refunds on the basis of poor visibility or poor weather.
  2. • The customer is entitled to a refund of 50% within 20 days of purchase if 20%, or more, of the total clues no longer exist in the location indicated by the hunt clues and answers. If 40%, or more, of the total clues missing in this manner the refund amount entitled is 75%, and above 40% of clues missing warrants a full refund.


  1. • Prices are subject to change without notice - this includes promotional pricing.
  2. • If payment is made for less than the recommended minimum number of participants for a hunt (as indicated in the hunt description) we reserve the right to refuse sale.
  3. • If participants are added to the hunt post-payment a subsequent payment must be made by the customer to cover the additional participants.