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Treasure Hunts For Groups, Club Events and Parties

When looking for a novel, fun, and interesting activity for your next event a treasure hunt is a great way to go. Many people have tried the standard group activities out there and this is a fresh way for people to get together for a unique experience with some some friendly competition thrown in!

Makes A Birthday Unique

A treasure hunt around the city is a great way for friends and family to enjoy a morning/afternoon before a birthday lunch/dinner. Something to make the day a bit more memorable for the birthday boy/girl. Suitable for teenagers and adults.

Great for Club or Other Events

Treasure hunts can can make your next club event, social mixer, or conference activity a complete success by offering a different and fun experience to members. Putting people into teams also works as an ice-breaker, a good way for members to get aquainted.

Something New

You want an activity that's different to all the usual things most people have already done. A treasure hunt has that novelty factor that can make your group event more exciting.

Fun and Challenging

Many treasure/scavenger hunts give you a shopping list to find boring household items. Our hunts are different and contain challenging riddles that showcase the interesting, sometimes historic, sites, locations and art around the city.


We purposely make our hunts affordable for groups - designed so you don't need to pay for an external facilitator, it's all set up for you and ready-to-go.

No-Hassle Scheduling

You choose the day to schedule your hunt. Hunts are conveniently around CBD areas so participants can can stop to eat, drink and rest at any time.

Rewards and Prizes

Each group is different and we aren't going to charge you for a token prize that nobody wants. That's why we offer low and competative prices, so you save enough to be able to get the prizes you want for the winner(s): a free dinner, gift voucher, bottle of champaigne, etc.

Group Size

No matter your group size we have a range of hunts to suit different needs. If you're not sure which hunt is best for you feel free to contact us with any enquiries regarding your needs.

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