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Let them Have fun exploring!

Treasure hunts work great for birthdays and family gatherings. They get kids involved and keep them entertained with adventure, looking for surprising and interesting things around the city or parklands.

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Makes your job easy

We do most of the work, you do the easy tasks and don't have to worry about ridiculous logistics and planning.


Specifically designed to not break the bank. We take out the hefty fees typically associated with outdoor activities.

Keeps It Interesting

A lot of treasure / scavenger hunts give people a 'shopping list' of mundane, boring items to find. Our hunts feature riddles that take participants to interesting sites around the CBD.

very convenient

Treasure hunting requires walking around your city CBD area, which means you can take breaks to rest or eat and drink whenever you or the kids need to. Hunting with snacks never goes wrong.

Flexible Scheduling

You choose the day and time to schedule your hunt. If something comes up or the weather is bad you can reschedule your hunt as often as needed at no extra cost.

Flexible Duration

We have different hunts ranging from an hour to up to several hours. A hunt can also easily be stopped mid-way and resumed at a later time or date.

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