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The CBD Speed Hunt

This hunt takes you through more familiar and interting parts of the CBD. Suitable for small to medium-sized groups, It's 10 clues of hassle-free outdoors fun.

Group Size: ~ 10-50 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursCost: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The Elusive CBD Hunt

A compliment to the Speed Hunt, this hunt uncovers some out-of-the-way treasures in the city CBD. The hunt has 10 clues suitable for small to medium-sized groups up for some exploring.

Group Size: ~ 10-50 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

Circular Quay & Gardens Hunt

A nice scenic hunt along Sydney's premier waterfront and sprawling gardens. A great option to have fun in a buzzing area with plenty of places to go for drinks/lunch/dinner afterwards.

Group Size: ~ 10-50 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The Sydney CBD Megahunt

Combining the Speed and Elusive hunts for a total of 20 challenging clues that showcase key features of the core CBD areas. Suitable for larger groups who care to run amok for a while.

Group Size: ~ 35-80 peopleDuration: ~ 2.5-3 hoursPrice: $15 / person

(Recommended 4-6 people per team)

The Sydney CBD Megahunt Plus

A hunt that combines the CBD Megahunt with Circular Quay and the Botanic Gardens. When you have many participants and nowhere to park them it's 35 challenging clues that will fly in a flurry of competition.

Group Size: ~ 50-120 peopleDuration: ~ 3.5-5 hoursPrice: $17.50 / person

(Recommended 5-8 people per team)

Sydney Ultmate City Megahunt

For the largest of groups this hunt combines all the above hunts and adds in Hyde Park for complete CBD-wide adventure mayhem. Massive value for epic fun!.

Group Size: ~ 75+ peopleDuration: ~ 4-6 hoursPrice: $17.50 / person

(Recommended 5-10 people per team)


Emploees will love it!

Break away from the boring and the uninspiring and give your employees a day to remember. Odysseek offers a huge selection of treasure hunts that are sure to get your team thinking while they're enjoying themselves. Develop reasoning and critical thinking skills while entertaining your staff with our customisable, self-facilitated packages.

You'll not only be giving your team a breath of fresh air, our corporate group activities help them bond over a common task and get to know each other a bit better. Build morale while strengthening your team with a bit of help from Odysseek.

Flexibility and options for small and large groups

We make it easy to choose when, where and how you run our treasure hunts. With a wide variety of options covering everything from the CBD out to Circular Quay, the gardens and Hyde Park, you'll have your pick of where to go in our huge city, allowing you to shape the day's itinerary to your unique needs.

If you're a Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide employer sick of the usual team building ideas like bar evenings or sports days, you'll love our programs. Inspiring good-natured competition while still enforcing cooperation, they're the perfect mix of educational, fun and challenging.

Your employees will thank you

Boost your company's morale and get your employees working together like never before with Odysseek. Ensure your next company day is a big success by speaking to the experts. A treasure hunt is something that employees and colleagues will always look back on fondly.

For information on any of our packages, or if you'd like to learn more about our company or to get a package, don't hesitate to get in touch with our office on 0432 224 645 or via email at

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