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King's Domain and Queen's Garden Hunt

Great for some fresh air and exploring a little further out of the concrete CBD jungle. This hunt covers the gardens all the way to the Anzac Memorial and features 16 interesting and historic clues.

Group Size: ~ 10-40 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursPrice: $10 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The Old Meets New Hunt

This hunt covers interesting and historic icons from the river to Flagstaff Gardens and has 14 clues. It covers a slightly larger area than the Mini Speed Hunt and is good for medium-sized groups.

Group Size: ~ 10-50 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The Relics of Melbourne Hunt

Covering some elusive locations around the center of the CBD this hunt challenges groups to find 12 clues that are scattered about from Swanston St to Spring St, and Flinders St to La Trobe St.

Group Size: ~ 10-70 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

Faces and Places of Melbourne CBD

The quintessential hunt located around the more popular and well-known locations in the areas around the Bourke St mall and Flinders St, with some other clues scattered beyond. Fast-paced fun that will fly as teams try to find all 13 clues.

Group Size: ~ 10-70 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

Western CBD Superhunt

For larger groups or for a longer, more epic hunt experience this package contains 24 treasures in the CBD west of Elizabeth St. A combination of the Mini Speed Hunt and The Old Meets New Hunt, teams will need to outsmart one another while crossing paths to solve all the clues. It's a couple of hours of hunting bedlam!

Group Size: ~ 35-70 peopleDuration: ~ 2.5-3 hoursPrice: $15 / person

(Recommended 5-6 people per team)

CBD Mall Superhunt

A combination of The Relics of Melbourne Hunt and Faces and Places of Melbourne CBD this hunt covers the central area of the CBD east of Elizabeth St. With 25 clues both in plain sight and tucked away in unexpeced places larger groups could spend a couple of hours testing their treasure hunting skills.

Group Size: ~ 35-100 peopleDuration: ~ 2.5-3 hoursPrice: $15 / person

(Recommended 5-6 people per team)

Melbourne CBD Megahunt

For the largest of groups this hunt combines the Western CBD and CBD Mall Superhunts to cover the entire CBD area. Great for half-day events lasting 4-6 hours, this truly epic hunt allows all your employees to run wild on a grand scale as teams scramble, compete and cooperate to discover 49 unique treasures in Melbourne.

Group Size: ~ 75+ peopleDuration: ~ 4-6 hoursPrice: $17.50 / person

(Recommended 5-8 people per team)


A Fresh Experience Employees Love

Treasure hunting is a popular choice in group exercises for Melbourne businesses because it gives employees the chance to engage in friendly competition while getting out of the office and relishing the outdoors. Break away from those common, mundane group activities that we've all seen time and time again and bring your work team closer together with an exciting, fun-filled treasure hunt today.

Inclusive Teamwork

Where other common group activities tend to focus on one or two key areas of team building that only highlight certain strengths, treasure hunts incorporate a variety of skills including communication, decision-making, creative problem-solving, and adaptability and planning. Thus, everyone has a chance to showcase what they are good at. As a team, you will work out how to rely on one another's different skills in a friendly and fun form of competition.

Designed to work with small budgets

You wouldn't be excused for thinking that something which can offer so many benefits must surely come at a high price tag. With Odysseek, we make it our mission to create activities which are kind to your pockets, enabling all corporate companies and their employees to get involved. Costing on average only $10 per person, our treasure hunts throughout Melbourne provide the amount of fun and sense of challenge you are looking for at incredibly affordable prices.

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Make sure your corporate team building events are a success every time with the Odysseek team. Phone 0432 224 645 or email today to book a group session. We also offer treasure hunts for your next party or social event. We cover a wide range of areas around central Melbourne, meaning you are bound to find an activity to suit the location of your office.

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