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The Queen Street Mall Treasure Hunt

This hunt takes you around the familiar shops and features of the Queen Street Mall and nearby areas. With 11 clues it takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete with a small-to-moderate amount of walking.

Group Size: ~ 10-35 peopleDuration: ~ 1-1.5 hoursCost: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The Hidden Brisbane Treasure Hunt

This hunt takes you in and around parts of the Brisbane CBD as you discover interesting parts of the city. With 12 clues scattered around roughly 3/4 of the CBD this hunt will make explorers out of your participants.

Group Size: ~ 10-35 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2.5 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The Southbank Treasure Hunt

This is a short but scenic treasure hunt around the popular parklands. Good for small to medium-sized groups that are up for some fun. Great for birthdays and private events.

Group Size: ~ 10-35 peopleDuration: ~ 45 mins-1.5 hoursPrice: $10 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The Brisbane CBD Megahunt

This hunt includes 23 challenging clues spread out over the entire CBD. It's a combination of the Queen St Mall and Hidden Brisbane hunts and is a good option to occupy large groups for a couple of hours with some frantic hunting bedlam!

Group Size: ~ 35-80 peopleDuration: ~ 2-3 hoursPrice: $15 / person

(Recommended 5-6 people per team)

The Brisbane CBD Megahunt Plus

This hunt includes 29 challenging clues spread out over the entire CBD area. This hunt is a combination of the Queen St Mall and Hidden Brisbane hunts with 6 additional clues in the city's Botanic Gardens to showcase all the city has to offer.

Group Size: ~ 35-100 peopleDuration: ~ 2.5-3.5 hoursPrice: $16 / person

(Recommended 5-6 people per team)

Brisbane City Complete Megahunt

A complete challenge reaching over the entire CBD, Botanic Gardens, and Southbank across the river. This hunt features 39 clues it is an ideal option for large groups and half-day events.

Group Size: ~ 50+ peopleDuration: ~ 3-5 hoursPrice: $17.50 / person

(Recommended 5-10 people per team)


Have Fun!

Planning an event? Whether it's a birthday, a hens or bucks night or just a weekend that needs a bit of something different, Odysseek has the thing for you. Our hunts take you all over our gorgeous city, getting you out and about in the sun and the fresh air exploring the CBD and surrounds.

You'll be tasked with solving some deliciously difficult riddles and discovering the answers to some challenging questions over the course of between one and five hours. Test yourself and have some fun with your mates!


Do you have the guts for all 56 puzzles involved in our Brisbane City Complete Megahunt? Want to explore the lesser known parts on the Hidden Brisbane course? With a range of options from the short, sweet and scenic to the long, challenging and rewarding, you'll have the freedom to customise your experience to exactly how you want it.

Our programs offer you the flexibility to run them when and where you want to. Self-facilitated means that you're not running to our clock; we give you the ready-to-go materials and you manage it yourself, made easy with our simple instructions.

Easy, Flexible and Affordable

">Hunts are extremely easy to organise and work to your schedule, not ours. More importantly, we specifically design them to work with all budgets, from very small to very large groups.

Looking to get your hands on one of our packages or want to learn more about our business or our products? Get in touch with our office on 0432 224 645 or send us a message via email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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