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The North Terrace Treasures Hunt

Rich with history the area between North Terrace and the river contains 15 clues that cover a lot of history displayed along the terrace and in several areas leading up to the river.

Group Size: ~ 10-50 peopleDuration: ~ 1.5-2 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The North Terrace Treasures Hunt Plus

This hunt extends the regular North Terrace Hunt to 21 clues for larger groups or if you want the event to last a longer. Covers many iconic sites that stand out in Adelaide's cityscape.

Group Size: ~ 20-60 peopleDuration: ~ 2-2.5 hoursPrice: $13.50 / person

(Recommended 4-6 people per team)

The City Escapade

Strewn about the CBD proper are 14 hidden gems waiting to be found. This hunt covers a fair portion of the CBD proper and involves a fair amount of walking OR it can also be done with cars!

Group Size: ~ 10-50 peopleDuration: ~ 2-2.5 hoursPrice: $12.50 / person

(Recommended 3-5 people per team)

The City Escapade Plus

Extends the City Escapade hunt to with 7 extra clues to a total of 21 clues in and around the CBD. This hunt will keep your group busy as they travel all over the CBD locating clues and trying to reach the finish first.

Group Size: ~ 20-100 peopleDuration: ~ 2-3 hoursPrice: $13.50 / person

(Recommended 4-6 people per team)

The North Terrace Superhunt

Combines the North Terrace Hunt Plus and Botanic Gardens. For large groups this hunt provides a challenge, creating bedlam for a few hours while showcasing the best of the north Adelaide CBD in 35 unique clues.

Group Size: ~ 30-100 peopleDuration: ~ 3-4 hoursPrice: $15 / person

(Recommended 5-6 people per team)

The CBD Megahunt

A combination of the North Terrace and City Escapade hunts, this megahunt covers a large part of the CBD. A great option for very large groups or smaller groups that want a good half-day challenge. With skill and stamina it can take 4-5 hours to search out and solve all 42 clues.

Group Size: ~ 50-100 peopleDuration: ~ 3.5-4 hoursPrice: $15 / person

(Recommended 5-8 people per team)

The CBD Ultimate Megahunt

For the largest of groups this hunt combines the CBD Megahunt and Botanic Gardens to give the most challenging treasure hunt in Adelaide. Participants will search far and wide, high and low to discover all 56 clues. An epic hunt option, it can easily take over 4 hours to solve all the clues..

Group Size: ~ 75+ peopleDuration: ~ 4+ hoursPrice: $17.50 / person

(Recommended 5-8 people per team)


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