For Businesses

Key Benefits

Treasure Hunting is a popular activity for business because it's a fun, challenging activity that promotes teamwork. Employees enjoy the chance to get out of the office and do something different. Make your corporate team building / team bonding activity a success. Here are the reasons why corporate groups have had great results with our hunts.

● Communication ● Problem-solving ● Strategy and Planning ● Fun ● Time-management ● Healthy walking outdoors ●

You'll look like a star

We do most of the work, you do the easy tasks so your group has a great time and ends up thanking you for it, and your boss recognises your efforts.


We adapt our team building ideas to not require external facilitation. You save on cost and testimonials from our clients show your employees still get a great experience.

Employees Want Fun

Our treasure hunts are a great way to give everyone a break from the office and enjoy the city outside.

It's Social and Promotes Teamwork

Employees work together to solve clues as well as devise strategies on how to approach the hunt. It's also an easy way to get people from the office mixing with each other.

Keeps It Interesting

A lot of treasure / scavenger hunts give people a 'shopping list' of mundane, boring items to find. Our hunts feature challenging riddles that take participants to interesting landmarks in and around your CBD area.

It's Inclusive, Not Exclusive

Treasure hunting requires walking around your city CBD area. Participants can take breaks to rest or eat and drink whenever they want. There are no fitness requirements so nobody feels embarrassed or left out.

Flexible Scheduling

You choose the day and time to schedule your hunt. If something comes up or the weather is bad you can reschedule your hunt as often as needed at no extra cost.

Flexible Duration

We have different hunts to occupy your employees for for an hour up to several hours. You don't pay an external facilitator by the hour so a hunt can also easily be stopped mid-way and resumed at a later time or date.

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