How do hunts work?

What Does Self-Facilitated Mean?

Treasure hunts are simpler to run than you might think, so you don't need to pay extra for an external consultant just to be there to tell you how it works. We do all the ground work and setup beforehand then send you all the digital hunt materials, including a short step-by-step guide guide that explains what to do. The materials are easy to use and designed so that the hunt is ready-to-go with minimal effort. Simply nominate one person, who can also join in the hunt, to handle these basic tasks:

Step 1. Print out the materials (and trim the white edges if you need to) and organise your group to meet on the day (Tip: printing costs can vary, but printing the materials professionally at a place like Officeworks, which also does edge trimming, works out to roughly $2 per person on average)

Step 2. On the day go over the rules in the guide and hand out the clues to each team

Step 3. At the end check team scores by going over the provided answers

It's really that easy. On top of saving on costs facilitating your own hunt means scheduling or rescheduling does not depend on someone else's timetable or availability.

How Does the Hunt Work?

At the start participants split into teams and each team receives a set of the clues. You set a finishing time and a location for teams to meet at the end. The hunt starts and teams take off to try to find and solve clues. Clues can be solved in ANY order so teams need to create a strategy around where to go and when to attempt which clues. The team that solves the most clues by the end wins. Simple and fun!

What Are the Clues Like?

Our clues are designed to be challenging for adults. Clues are riddles that describe features like pieces of art, statues, monuments, historic buildings and memorials The clues aren't a simple shopping list of items to find in a shop so your group will be constantly discovering interesting and unique sites during the hunt. Teams need to walk and find clues to get the answers from them - any team trying to Google answers on a smartphone won't get far at all!

An example of one of our clues is as follows:

An artist's little friends
lie about, one on a bench
It seems their location is precarious
surely with no intentions nefarious
they keep their distance
at the council's insistence
somewhere near a gambling hall
resting their paws
not wanting for meals or naps
being amalgamated metal scraps
what are they?
some kind of animal perhaps...

How Do I Order a Hunt?

Contact us to make your purchase. Once the number of participants and hunt date are confirmed you will be sent an invoice and the materials once payment is received.

In general we need to confirm details 7 working days before your hunt date. To organise a hunt on shorter notice contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Payments are made securely through PayPal and can be made with credit card or a PayPal account. EFT is also available upon request.

What Do the Materials Include?

You receive by email:

1. Graphic Clues - One set of our carefully devised clues for each team, on full-colour graphically designed pages. Much more preferable than a simple text printout of things to find, hastily put together at the last minute. Take a look at some sample pages here, here, and here to get an idea of what clue sheets from some of our hunts look like. Note how custom company or group brands can be added to the materials.

2. Hint Maps - Hint sheets for each team that indicate a general area where clues can be found so teams don't get too frustrated or waste too much time canvasing the whole hunt area just for one clue.

3. Answers - of course! - The answer to every clue, whic is best kept secure until the end of the hunt.

4. Waiver Form - The standard public liability waiver form for participants to sign or initial, then be scanned or printed and returned. This can be returned after the hunt.

5. Help - A 1-page step-by-step guide guide listing everything you need to know on how to run the hunt.

6. Support - With any purchase we are also here to answer any questions and help make sure your event works smoothly.

Liability - Are Hunts Dangerous?

Hunts only require walking around streets and areas that open to the general public, and there are no physical challenges involved so there is minimal risk of any kind of injury. As a standard formality we do provide a liability waiver form for participants to sign, which can be returned post-hunt so you don't have to worry about chasing up people beforehand.