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We create high-quality unique treasure hunt packages for corporate and private events. Our hunts are self-facilitated so you enjoy a quality experience at a fraction of the normal cost, and your group has you to thank for it! We cover all kinds of events:

Corporate Team Building
Seminars & Conferences
Office Parties
Club Events
Social Mixers

Corporate Groups Private Groups

A treasure hunt is an exciting activity where participants work in teams solve clues scattered around the CBD. Working across the country, we’re able to provide our services in most Australian capital cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

The clues are carefully crafted to both challenge your group while they have fun discovering many hidden, interesting, and surprising features of the city.

Get a group together and let them loose, it's the start to an unforgettable and enjoyable day!


Can be organised last-minute, no booking weeks in advance.

Schedule/reschedule for any day that works for you.

You don't need to set up any clues - we've done all that for you!


From under $10 per person for a full experience.

We've taken out the heavy costs of external facilitation.

No need to worry about stretching your budget.

Fun & Challenging

One participant remarked at how the clues in her office's internally organised hunt were boring and too simple. She said they didn't compare to ours, which were fun and challenging.


Suitable for adults of all ages.

Suitable for all fitness levels.

No embarrassing challenges, just teamwork.

Older children can join in.

We've helped small businesses, large corporates and private groups have great experiences.

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